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Where should I sit when I am meditating?

Create your own space

Try and create your own personal meditation space. If you have a seperate room or corner available try to use it just for meditation. You want to choose a well ventilated, as quiet as possible place, where you are less likely to be disturbed. Keep it neat and clean and decorate with a few favorite possessions that warm your heart when you look at them. Pictures, a plant, stones, a favorite locket; anything that gives you peace when you see it. Over time your meditation space will develop a pure and peaceful vibration.

Where should I sit when I am meditating?

Go North or East

Have your seat facing North or East when you are meditating. There is a subtle, beneficial energy when facing in these directions.

What are some meditation techniques I can practice at home?

Meditation Techniques

Studies reported in New Choices in Natural Healing suggest that meditating for 20 minutes twice a day can help lower high blood pressure. Here are a few meditation techinques to get you started: *Concentration meditation uses a picture, a word or phase (mantra), or an object (such as a candle flame. *Sensation meditation uses breathing to focus the mind. Just simply be a witness to the breath. Do not attempt to alter or change the breath. If your mind begins to drift, the object is to refocus your attention on the object. Mindfulness meditation is more complex. Instead of focusing on a single sensation or an object, you allow thoughts, feelings and images to float through you mind. In mindfulness, you are a dispassionate observer. You can note your thoughts, desires, and sensations in a sorting action, but you let them go in and out of your mind without expressing feelings, either positive or negative about them. A simple mindfulness meditation might work this way: Find a quiet spot and sit in a comfortable position. Take several slow, deep breaths. As you breathe out, ask yourself "Who am I?" Note the associations yo make (ie. "I am a mother", "I am a husband", "I am a businessperson", " I am tired", Or "I am angry") in your head. Do not judge them or have any opinion, just note them. If you think "I am a businessperson" and become anxious about an appointment, for example, refocus your mind on the question, "Who am I?" Practitioners suggest doing this meditation routine for 20 minutes, twice a day at first. Meditation takes time and practice. Dont get frustrated keep trying.

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