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Can Depression be a signal of other ailments?

Depression can be a Signal

Depressed feelings can tell you and or your doctor that there are things in your health life which need to be checked out and treated if necessary. Depression can accompany other ailments such as hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) or diabetes. Deficiencies in Vitamin C and or Vitamin E can be evidenced by depression. Shallow breathing can result in emotional and physical imbalance by denying oxygen to the brain, resulting in symptoms of depression.

Are there low cost mental health services?

Need Low Cost Mental Care and Treatment?

Call a hospital with a psychiatric program in your area - that department is likely to know who in your community has low cost treatment, and also often knows the location of support groups. If you live in a large city, "teaching" hospitals sometimes provide low cost services.

Where can I find mental health information?

Where to Find Treatment/Support

There are a number of ways to find who supplies mental health services (medication, counseling, support groups) for Depression in your community: The main resource is your Yellow Pages - under Mental Health Services. Also check community bulletin boards in drug and grocery stores as well as libraries. Frequently support groups list their services on these boards.

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