Using Feverfew for Migraines

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Does feverfew help migraine headaches?

Using Feverfew for Migraines

Be sure to check with your doctor before using feverfew for migraine relief.

Some authorities recommend eating one large fresh leaf daily as a way to avoid migraines.

It can be used as a tincture; 5-10 drops every 30 minutes at the onset of a migraine. Feverfew seems to work best with "cold" type migraines which involve tightening of the cerebral blood vessels and are eased by apply a hot towel to the head. An anti-inflammatory, feverfew dilates the blood vessels.

Feverfew is available in the United States as capsules and tablets. Users are advised to follow the package direction for use.

Side effects of eating leaves can include mouth ulcers.
Avoid feverfew in pregnancy and when using warfarin or other blood thinners.
Feverfew is available from herbal/vitamin suppliers. Some have sites linked with



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