Feverfew: Infusion; Tincture or Poultice

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What are some ways to apply feverfew?

Feverfew: Infusion; Tincture or Poultice

Drinking a weak infusion of feverfew (15 g. herb to 500 ml water) after childbirth has been recognized to encourage cleansing and tonifying of the uterus. This herb also has a history of relieving menstrual pain associated with sluggish flow and congestion.

Adding up to 2 ml of feverfew tincture three times a day to other herbal remedies has been found to help in the acute stages of rheumatoid arthritis.

Sauté the fresh herb in a little oil and apply as a hot poultice to the abdomen for colicky pains.

When using this herb, choose the lesser amounts suggested.

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