Corn or Callus -- Foot Pain Culprit

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Can corns or calluses cause foot pain?

Corn or Callus -- Foot Pain Culprit

Have you had some foot pain?

Some types of corn or callus can be located on the bottom of the foot and cause great discomfort. I prefer the corn cushions which are made of foam plastic and have the little hole in the middle.

Soaking your foot in warm water and washing with an antibacterial soap, then using pumice to loosen any corn or callus can give you relief. I have been told that a corn or callus may not be caused by external problems such as shoes, but is actually an internal problem.

Poorly fitting shoes can contribute to the misery, so take care to have proper shoes. A podiatrist can help serious problems and give you further advice.

NEVER try to cut a corn or callus off with a sharp object such as a razor blade. This just doesn't work, even though it's tempting to try, and is so very risky for further injury.



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