Keeping your Resolution to Exercise

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Are there practical exercise programs?

Keeping your Resolution to Exercise

I look for good maintenance ideas that don't take a lot of cash, but more commitment on my part.

I like to keep a backup exercise plan that doesn't involve a lot of socially uncomfortable SWEAT. My favorite is a weight training plan that is best done slowly. I can perform some of these exercises at work in the restroom.

The set can be spread throughout the day when I have a few seconds to do one of them. The sweat is okay, but for mature people, persistence is great and needs to become a habit for our exercise programs.

Need weights? Use a pair of cans sealed and filled with beans or fruit to represent a one pound weight set.

Exercise experts recommend changing your exercise routine every month to keep your muscles from getting bored. There are many magazines, such as Shape Magazine, which often offer practical exercise routines.



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