shoulder pain - damage to the rotator cuff

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What to do about shoulder pain?

shoulder pain - damage to the rotator cuff

To avoid damage to the rotator cuff, decrease the amount of weight you lift with your arms and shoulders during weight training as your age increases.

People over 50 who haven't made weight lifting a career should avoid the heavy weights. Over 60, try working out without weights until you have some conditioning built up, then max out at 2 pound hand weights.

When shoulder pain begins, try to recall movements you have been doing which are repetitive and which may have been stressing your shoulder. Try to stop doing these things for awhile or try doing them differently. A trainer or aerobics instructor or masseuse can often offer advice about making the correct movements, especially when lifting weights.

Persistent pain can indicate some serious damage which can be repaired with surgery. Make an appointment with your doctor or chiropractor. While you are waiting to see the professional, try some of the above tips to begin your healing and to avoid further damage.



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