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How can I give myself a facial at home?

DIY facial mask

After you clean your face, apply honey and leave it on for two or three minutes until sticky. Then, gently press in and snap out your fingers on your face. The honey will clean out your pores, so they seem to shrink and you can more easily get blackheads out.

What heals dry cracked hands?

Dry/cracked fingers and hands

Switching soaps can fix this problem. Anti-bacterial soaps can often aid in the splitting of hands and fingers. Using regular hand soap will help. Other possible solutions include glycerin, petroleum jelly, medicated chest rubs, and creams and lotions containing vitamin E and lanolin.

How can I get rid of eczema?

Taking a tablespoon of cod-liver oil every day can clear up eczema. It is a good source of omega-3 and vitamins A and D and has been used to treat various forms of rheumatism and rickets for years.

How can I treat my dry eyes in the winter?

Dry Eyes

-Treat eyes with artificial tears before bed
-Avoid smoke
-Moisten the air with a humidifier
-Use eyedrops before blow-drying your hair
-Wear glasses or sunglasses to screen your eyes from harsh winds

What is the cause of my itchy, irritated skin?

Unknown Skin Rashes

Many people get skin rashes and are unable to figure out the cause. Creams, lotions and medication don't always work. The most common cause of skin rashes is over looked. Most physicians think of detergents and soaps but not the actual fabrics as being skin irritants. Wool, polyester and acrylic are known for causing itchy skin and rashes. Cotton is natural and easy on the skin!

What should I do when given a new prescription?

Side Effects of Drugs

When anyone starts a new drug, he or she should write down the date as well as any strange side effects. Rare side effects are quite important if you are that one rare person affected.

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