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What does walking do for you?

Pep Stepping

A good brisk walk, stepping out, but not running is good for general health, weight maintenance and loss, overcoming depression, and healthy bones. Studies have shown that walking burns calories, builds muscle and bone mass. The intake of oxygen improves the immune system and helps relieve depression action on the brain. When things are piling up, a good, brisk walk helps clear the mind.

Does running cause chunky legs?

Does Running cause Chunky legs?

According to Sheila Kin, endurance running will not increase muscles size like that of a body builder. Running will help you lose excessive fat weight and improve cardiovascular endurance. If you like to run, blend other walking strides with your running to ease strain on joints. If you don´t like to run, the other walking strides can be healthful without running. Speed walking is excellent for cardiovascular health and less strenuous for knees or other joints.

Can exercise stimulate the appetite?

Exercise and Appetite

Exercise helps control appetite. Studies with both animals and humans suggest that exercise can help control appetite. Exercise in moderate amounts does not stimulate your appetite. If you exercise and feel increased hunger, your mind is at work rather than your body. Take a few deep breaths, ask yourself if it's a true physical hunger (stomach growling, headache present). If not, redirected your energy and press on with your workout.

Is it better to exercise at night?

Night Owl Exercise

If you exercise in the evening, wait at least an hour after the exercise routine before going to bed. Insomnia can begin or be aggravated by going to bed too soon after an exercise session. Try relaxing with a cup of herbal tea after your workout or a sponge bath to help you rest better. Tepid water and a soft cloth will get the job done - Avoid a hot stimulating shower.

Can exercise and fitness help avoid back pain?

Fitness Beats Back Pain

A study of firefighters in Los Angeles found that those with
the greatest level of fitness had the least amount of back pain.
Perhaps the best way to avoid back pain or injury is to maintain
a strong body by exercising regularly.

Proper body mechanics are important in avoiding back strain when
lifting heavy objects. Always bend the knees and lower the body
without bending at the waist when picking up items on the floor.
Use the strong muscles in the legs to do the work as the object
is lifted. Keep the heavy objects as close to the center of the
body as possible.

Can exercise relieve high blood pressure?

Exercise and High Blood Pressure

Exercise can help lower blood pressure. Systolic and diastolic pressure can be lowered using regular aerobic exercise. Improvements can be comparable to the results using medication.

Check with your doctor before starting any NEW exercise program, especially if you haven't been using ANY program or have diagnosed medical problems which could be influenced by activity.

Start slowly; select a low-impact aerobic program to begin with and work hard at staying with it.

What exercise will relieve sciatica?

Sciatica Relief with Exercise

Intense pain in the lower back, sometimes with pain in the buttocks and on the outside of the leg denotes pressure on the sciatic nerve, which runs from the lower back to the foot. Often accompanied or preceded by lumbago and may be the first warning of disc problems. This pain is caused by lifting badly or bending awkwardly and often appears after childbirth.

An exercise which can help gently stretch and strengthen the sciatic nerve follows: Lie on the back with one knee placed over the other and pull the knees gently toward you, using your hands. You will feel the stretch in your buttock. Change knees around to stretch the other side.

Why am I hungry after working out?

Hungry after Working Out?

If you are likely to be hungry after working out, plan ahead and have healthy snacks such as fruit, nuts, or sunflower seeds available to avoid making poor nutrition choices at a time when you want to eat anything and everything you can get your hands on. Eating balanced meals during the day, prior to working out and having a good, nutritional meal planned after the work out will help you "manage" your mind and your hunger.

How much creatine is safe?

Creatine Warnings

CREATINE Warning: Creatine is a natural substance normally manufactured by the liver, kidneys and pancreas. Body builders have recognized the benefits of adding extra creatine to their diet. But, doctors are concerned by reported side effects from apparent overdoses. The side effects can include dehydration, muscle and ligament tears, diarrhea and kidney failure.

So, how much is a safe amount for a supplement? There are no Scientific Studies that have been able to determine that. Some doctors recommend avoiding use of extra creatine entirely. If you are going to use it, they say, to follow the manufacturers recommendations. This is one time when less may be better than more.

Are there practical exercise programs?

Keeping your Resolution to Exercise

I look for good maintenance ideas that don't take a lot of cash, but more commitment on my part.

I like to keep a backup exercise plan that doesn't involve a lot of socially uncomfortable SWEAT. My favorite is a weight training plan that is best done slowly. I can perform some of these exercises at work in the restroom.

The set can be spread throughout the day when I have a few seconds to do one of them. The sweat is okay, but for mature people, persistence is great and needs to become a habit for our exercise programs.

Need weights? Use a pair of cans sealed and filled with beans or fruit to represent a one pound weight set.

Exercise experts recommend changing your exercise routine every month to keep your muscles from getting bored. There are many magazines, such as Shape Magazine, which often offer practical exercise routines.

What exercises are better for healthy joints?

Exercising for healthy joints

The best exercises for maintaining healthy joints are weight-bearing exercises, such as running. Recent studies have found that healthy joints (those that haven´t been previously injured) show no evidence of damage by long-distance running. But, be sure to stretch first, because it is critical in the prevention of muscles tightening and causing tendon problems. If running is difficult for you, the walking strides are also healthful for joints and a good place to start.

What to do about shoulder pain?

shoulder pain - damage to the rotator cuff

To avoid damage to the rotator cuff, decrease the amount of weight you lift with your arms and shoulders during weight training as your age increases.

People over 50 who haven't made weight lifting a career should avoid the heavy weights. Over 60, try working out without weights until you have some conditioning built up, then max out at 2 pound hand weights.

When shoulder pain begins, try to recall movements you have been doing which are repetitive and which may have been stressing your shoulder. Try to stop doing these things for awhile or try doing them differently. A trainer or aerobics instructor or masseuse can often offer advice about making the correct movements, especially when lifting weights.

Persistent pain can indicate some serious damage which can be repaired with surgery. Make an appointment with your doctor or chiropractor. While you are waiting to see the professional, try some of the above tips to begin your healing and to avoid further damage.

What should I Do first Cardio or Strength Training?

Cardio or Strength Training First???

Several years of studies have indicated it makes no difference in terms of gains if you do weight training programs before or after Cardio exercises. The important consideration is to WARM UP before doing any type of aerobic activity and to COOL DOWN when finished. Other than this point, the order in which you choose to do aerobics or strength training is a matter of your personal choice.

What exercises are best for building mass?

Cardio Routines help muscles grows

Even if you are trying to gain mass, keep doing cardio exercises at a moderate pace. Cardio exercises give the muscles much-needed oxygen which helps recovery and growth. If you keep protein intake at 1.5 grams per pound, you won´t lose any mass and will burn more fat. Strength is built better on a steady, moderate pace than on a very fast pace.

What is exercise and arthritis

Exercise and Arthritis

Exercise and Arthritis: Wear and tear on joints contributes to osteoarthritis, but moderate exercise can help delay damage and relieve pain.

Cycling, walking, swimming or other repetitive exercises increases the production of nourishing synovial fluid by the connective tissues of joints. Joint lubrication and movement ease are helped by synovial fluid. Exercise contributes to weight management. Excess weight can increase the risk of osteroarthritis in the joints of the lower limbs and the back.

Stretching exercises help increase and maintain motion range. Strengthening exercises prevent injury and protect the joints from more damage.

Low impact aerobics are exercises which offer the least opportunity for further damage and the most gain. Exercise can increase vigor and independence from the threats of arthritis at any age.

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