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Can my medication be causing my impotence?

Medication Connection for Impotence

A patient suffering from impotence should discuss the problem with his physician because impotence can be caused by medication. There are alternative medications or reduced doses to consider.

ACE inhibitors, used in treating high blood pressure, for example, are less likely to cause sexual dysfunction than many other medications.

How can I prevent Impotence?

Increased Sexual Activity may help Impotence

Consistent sexual activity may help prevent impotence. Frequent erections stimulate blood flow to the penis.

It may be helpful to note erections are firmest during sleep, right before waking up.

Autumn has been noted to be the time of year when male hormone levels are highest and sexual activity is most frequent.

Can my college drinking binge affect my health?

The Boys and Beer - Not a good Mix

New research indicates that young men who drink moderate amounts of alcohol have an increased risk of stroke later in life and that risk is even higher for those who were binge drinkers.

Researchers speculate that alcohol increases the risk of stroke by causing blood clotting or changes in blood pressure.

What is Viagra and Heart Problems?

Viagra Considerations

Viagra Encouragement: If you have heart disease, but are in otherwise good condition, Viagra may be OKAY.

A small study of men with very clogged arteries shows that the drug had no direct effect on their hearts, even though viagra has been linked to some heart attacks. Use caution and remember DO NOT USE VIAGRA if you're on medication containing nitrates or have recently had a heart attack. Have the courage to ask your physician and risk staying alive.

What does blood in my stool test mean?

Colon Cancer

Ask your doctor to test for hidden blood in your stool if you are over 40 years old. If bloos is found in the test, this could indicate growths on the wall of the colon that may turn cancerous.

Are their any exercises for Impotence?

Kegel Exercises for Impotence

When impotence is caused by reduced blood circulation, the Kegel exercise might be helpful. The basic technique involves tightening and releasing the pelvic muscle that controls urination. Since the muscle is internal and sometimes difficult to locate, some therapists and doctors suggest practicing while urinating on the toilet. The patient tries to contract the muscle until the flow of urine is slowed or stopped, then releases. People should perform 5 to 15 contractions, attempting to hold each contration for 10 seconds, three to five times daily.

What will help my impotence?

Behavioral Therapy and Impotence

While psychological, behavioral, sexual or combination therapy is often suggested to help impotence regardless of cause, studies have shown little benefit. Some men had a problem even taking therapy and of those who did, a very small percentage achieved satisfactory sex, crediting the therapy.

Supportive or behavioral therapy can be helpful to a patient during other phases of treatment for impotence.

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