Does Running cause Chunky legs?

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Does running cause chunky legs?

Does Running cause Chunky legs?

According to Sheila Kin, endurance running will not increase muscles size like that of a body builder. Running will help you lose excessive fat weight and improve cardiovascular endurance. If you like to run, blend other walking strides with your running to ease strain on joints. If you don´t like to run, the other walking strides can be healthful without running. Speed walking is excellent for cardiovascular health and less strenuous for knees or other joints.



3/7/2007 2:29:45 PM
Kevin said:

Running exclusively exercises a type of muscle fiber (Type 1 or slow-twitch) that does not have the ability to grow very large relative to the type of muscle fiber used predominantly by sprint and weightlifting athletes (Type 2 or fast twitch). Thus, endurance exercises (such as running) have the least likely chance of significantly increasing a person's muscle mass (among forms of exercise).

However, this is not to say that you might have a particular genetic make-up that will cause you to have more muscle in some places than others. Some people will simply have larger muscles in their legs while others may not (regardless of the amount of exercise they do). In the end, learn to appreciate your unique muscle development through exercise, for it only reflects a healthy and (hopefully) long lifestyle.


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