painful feet

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Why are my feet sore?

painful feet

Is being on your feet literally becoming a pain?

Many active adults experience foot pains, often due to heel spurs (small growths on the underside of the heel that can come from strain on foot muscles and ligaments) or plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the band of tissue that stretches along the bottom of the foot).

If you are experiencing pain in your feet, look at the type of shoes you are wearing. Shoes that don't give you proper support, are ill-fitting, or are simply worn out can all cause foot pain. Replacing your shoes with new, properly fitted ones is important.

If you feel exercising is the culprit, take a break from your normal routine and see if that helps. If the pain persists, ice the aching area or try over-the-counter or natural anti-inflammatories. Aspirin and ibuprofen can help, as can ginger or turmeric extracts (such as Zyflamend). Stretching may also help-ask your podiatrist or physician for specific instructions.



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